SketchUp Mac and Windows Studio Online?

Is all of Studio available online?
Can I own Studio (Windows only/Desktop and Web) and use a Mac for my SU/LO desktop platform?
Get where I’m going? Yeah, I’d like to use Studio, but not using a PVC if possible (time and energy sink). If Studio was available online, I could have my Mac and eat it too. :wink:

The Studio part involve two apps, Scan Essentials and V-Ray.
V-Ray can run on both OS, Scan essentials only on Windows.
Unless you are interested in managing Pointclouds, there is no need for Studio, since you can buy V-Ray seperate, too

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Scan Essentials is the main reason I ask. Do you know if it runs on the web, or only as a Windoze app?

Also included:

  • V-Ray (as you noted, but $350/yr additional separately)
  • XR Viewer (in addition to VR)
  • Trimble Connect Business (though can’t see where that is any different)

Included in Pro:

Added to Studio:

Incorrect, SketchUp Pro also has Trimble connect business and the Viewers.
Scan essentials extension works only on Windows. ( The Web-app doesn’t even support extensions)

Yep, just saw only windows for Scan Essentials.
That info came directly from their site.
The crossed out items are included in studio (crossed out becaiuse they were in the top, “Pro” image; the four left over were listed as different of additional.

But it seems you are right. Did “Marketing” get a hold of the website to make it look like there is more than there actually is? So the “only” thing additional appears to be V-Ray and Scan Essentials, unless one prefers to be tricked again (with the list of some of the V-Ray and Scan Essential features.) Oh those “Marketing” people…

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Yes, a ‘markething’ I guess.
They should have added a clausule for the ‘Work offline’, too :grinning:

So back to, does anyone know if one can also use SU & LO on a Mac if buying a Studio (Windows) License? And can you run it on both at the same time? (very handy for multi-tankers :wink:)

Per their "Need Help?:

Can I activate my SketchUp Pro license on more than one computer?

A Single-user license of SketchUp Pro is assigned to one person and can only be used by the registered user. That individual can install the license on up to two computers he or she is using. Basically, "One user, two computers”.

Please visit our Help Center article on Transferring SketchUp to a new computer or license multiple computers for more information.

That seems to suggest one can, but it would be good to confirm.

Indeed, there and here:

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 6.30.37 PM

They aren’t alone in suggesting you can do more than is implied in their marketing, and it is irritating every time. All it would take is a little *…

*Some (or These) listed features are available in the desktop app only

As I understood it the V-Ray seat that comes with Studio is windows only as well?

I don’t know about that, but subscribing to SketchUp and V-ray separately costs less than the Studio bundle. Studio only saves money if you need the point cloud tools as well.

According to this, V-Ray is available on Mac.

Yes, but Trimble Scan Essentials is not. That is why SketchUp Studio is not available for the Mac.