Sketchup studio on Mac platform

Does anyone know if Sketchup Studio will be coming to the Mac (red headed stepchild) platform?

I’m thinking of the direct Revit import capability. I understand the point cloud import requires something in Windows.


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I don’t know and no Trimble employee is able to tell the plans for sketchup, I know that they’re trying to unify the windows and Mac interface, they’ve already migrated to a new API on windows and Mac version will do as well.
If you use Vray it’s a bit cheaper if you get the sketchup studio version than getting a pro license and a vray license separately, so it’s better to get the studio version even if you can’t use the other features.

It’s the direct Revit import that I think I might find useful.

Thanks, Francis

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I think the issue might be with revit, as there is no mac version, therefore no api / mac ressources to back up the import tool.
It’s pure speculation on my end, but I wouldn’t be surprised if making a mac version was a little more complex than simply porting the extension.

:+1: that makes sense