Can we have another pay option for the Revit Importer Extension?

The Studio subscription is a non starter for me, Scan Essentials does not work on my Mac, includes Vray but I use Twinmotion, I don’t run energy analysis so don’t need Sefaira. There is nothing there to add value to my SketchUp experience with Studio, except… I do work with and share Revit files, so the Revit Importer Extension from SketchUp looks like a great help in my workflow, one I would gladly pay for. Is the intension of restricting access to that one extension to drive people like me to the studio subscription? Is it imagined that I would more than double my subscription rate to unlock that one extension, even if I don’t want/need any of the other features of studio? Perhaps.

I would certainly be willing to pay a decent price for the extension as a stand alone cost, easily implemented through the extension warehouse, or even it’s own added yearly subscription cost. To put it behind a pay wall bundled exclusively with a collection of other expensive features I cannot use is prohibitive. How about some Revit for the rest of us?

I thought that feature was cool too, but, like Scan Essentials, I think that is Windows only as well. Anyone confirm that?

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Oh snap, I just checked an you are correct, PC only, So it’s no help to me at any price. Oh well, nevermind. Guess I’ll explore Helix

I’m interested mostly because of the large number of vendors of architectural and interior products who only provide REVIT symbols of their products. Very frustrating.


Could you run windows on the mac (using whatever magic that is) to get this option. Then the file should work in your straight mac version.

Agreed, super useful ability would be nice to access it. With the new M series chips and apple silicon it’s not so easy to run Windows in parallels as it use to be, and anyway I would still need to subscribe to studio just for that feature.

Conceivably. Boot Camp on Intel Macs are genuine Windows machines, and there was a time when I taught in a room full of iMacs that could boot either way and some students used the Mac version and others the Windows version. It’s not a great solution for this because you have to quit everything and reboot the whole machine. Emulation like Fusion, might work, but it’s another seat from you’re allowance. So, the answer is yes, kinda, and maybe.

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Now, it would be cool if Trimble Connect had a translator online. Then it wouldn’t matter which version of SU you used.

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Mr. Coolidge, for the moment, keep in mind the differences between the Revit files - RFA and RVT and what the extension can import.

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I’d speculate that it’s not in Mac because Autodesk don’t make an SDK for Mac.
The Trimble connect RVT converter is also windows only.

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Note that most of these are provided as parametric Revit Families (RFA) that the SketchUp Revit importer doesn’t support. It only imports full Revit model files (RVT). You would need to place family instances inside a model in Revit and then import that inyo SU.

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Ah, yes, you’re right.

So, conceptually, the right kind of conversion would be RFA to Live Component, not that that would ever happen.