Buying SU with Vray any bundle deals?

Hi Need to buy SU and Vray in the next couple of weeks is there any bundle deals or just buy both separate, do both latest versions work together OK?


The SketchUp Studio subscription includes V-Ray:

SketchUp Studio is only available for Windows but there seems to be a solution for this…
This may be of help: Vray on mac

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yeah, the official communication is confusing, if you buy sketchup studio and you’re a mac user, you’ll get sketchup pro and vray, but you’ll have to go get the installer on vray’s website.

all the other studio bits are not mac compatible (the revit thing, the point cloud thing…) but still, I remember checking prices last year, it’s pretty much an ok deal money-wise. just check the prices and make an addition (oh yeah) to see if one of the solution comes cheaper than the other (especially in your currency)

the only limitation you’ll get by getting the studio bundle instead of a separate vray licence is that the studio one is sketchup only. the other one can be used on other softwares.

Buying vray and sketchup separately costs $20 more than getting sketchup studio, since you’re using only Mac, you won’t be able to use the other features including with sketchup studio, anyways it’s a better deal than getting separated licenses.