Does Sketch-Up Studio Plan $699 include V-ray as Plug in?

Does Sketch-Up Studio include V-ray as Plug in? what about Sketch- Up Pro? do I have to install purchase Vray individually? Thank you!

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SketchUp Studio does - however V-Ray will show up in the account management portal as a seperate download and install.

You can also purchase v-Ray separately, however if you need to use it only with SketchUp, you may find it a little less expensive to buy it in Studio

dunno the Operating System “nil” from your profile… but be aware, that SU Studio is available for the Windows platform only (not macOS).

Rhetrorical question: Why would anyone put “nil” in their profile for operating system and graphics card?

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well, no, it has been discussed on another topic recently, the Vray part is simply the plugin, it’s for both mac and pc. You can buy the studio version and use SU + Vray on a mac. not the rest though. the extra tools that are windows only.

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you’d think that, but no. Turns out, studio is cheaper than SU + Vray. Barely but still.

Mike explained (in the linked topic) that you only get the SU plugin with studio, not the other ones (rhino, blender…). Buying SU and Vray separately would cost you an extra 64€ BUT multiplatform.

SketchUp Studio is cheaper.
The V-Ray for SketchUp is no longer sold separately. V-Ray Solo lets you use V-Ray with all supported applications. SketchUp Studio includes only V-Ray for SketchUp and Scan Essentials.

V-Ray Solo + SketchUp bought separately= 703,80€/yr
SketchUp Studio 639 €/yr

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i was in a rush to ask the question, and i dont know im new to this whole thing, besides, would the answer change if u know my operating system?

You would have gotten more pertinent information in the first reply if you had completed your profile correctly. Since you were in a hurry for an answer to your question, you’d have had it sooner.

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okay ill take note of it!