V-Ray 6 is now included in a Studio subscription!

October 2022 update
We are pleased to update you that V-Ray 6 is included in the Studio subscription in sync with Chao’s release on the 4th of October. If you are considering signing up with Studio you will get every new features and improvement that comes with V-Ray 6 including Enscape to V-Ray compatibility, cloud-based collaboration and other advanced visualization workflows such as procedural clouds, V-Ray enmesh and finite dome light. As a Studio subscriber, you can also use V-Ray 6 on up to two devices. For instance, you can run V-Ray in your work device and a home machine. Note that the version of V-Ray in Studio only supports SketchUp integration.

Drum roll please… we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Chaos and provide SketchUp Studio subscribers access to V-Ray 5 as part of their subscription! Now THAT’S what we call a good-looking squad!

For those who’ve yet to work with V-Ray, get excited! V-Ray is a rendering engine that allows you to add photorealistic elements to any of your SketchUp designs, such as global illumination and artificial lights, real-life materials and textures, atmospheric effects, and so much more. Using V-Ray empowers architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals to present models through clearer, easier to understand visual stories, bridging the gap between (and WOW-ing) project stakeholders.

Don’t have time for a high-definition, photoreal render? Then, V-Ray Vision is for you. With V-Ray Vision, you can create interactive, real-time renders directly in SketchUp as you develop your model. Explore your model in a game-like environment and view realistic scenes with the click of a button. Combining the power of real-time rendering from V-Ray Vision and V-Ray ray-traced rendering, you now have access to a complete visualization solution across your workflow.

Even better, there’s a robust, web-based content library called Chaos Cosmos that you can use to download render-ready content into your designs. It’s full of high-quality, smart 3D content including people, vegetation, furniture, accessories, vehicles, and lighting!

Wondering if all of this is the right fit for your workflow? A SketchUp Studio subscription contains everything a SketchUp Pro subscription has to offer, plus Scan Essentials (Windows-only) and now V-Ray 5! All of this for a discounted price of $699* for one term! (This offer is good through July 30, 2021.)

All new and existing Studio customers get access to the latest release of V-Ray 5 for SketchUp including V-Ray Vision, Chaos Cosmos, plus 20 Chaos Cloud credits for use in the first 90 days of your subscription. You read that right: existing Studio subscribers can start taking full advantage of V-Ray 5 with no additional payment today. Just a heads up, SketchUp Studio is a Windows-only offering.

As always, we want to ensure that Studio continues to provide top level features for our users, and we know how important visualization is to many of you. With this addition, SketchUp Studio now offers even more value for your professional workflows helping you get the job done quickly and remarkably. For more information, check out our product page and get your rendering game on!

Please note that SketchUp Studio is a Windows-only offering and includes only a Windows installer for V-Ray and Scan Essentials.

Terms & Conditions

*SketchUp Studio pricing offer is valid through July 30, 2021 11:59 PM MST. Discount only applies to one term of a SketchUp Studio subscription. If you are a current SketchUp Studio subscriber, you can renew at this price for one term only. Not valid on subsequent terms. Offer not valid in Mainland China, Israel, and South Africa. Does not apply to previously placed orders. May not be combined with other offers. Other restrictions may apply.


Great news! Congratulations for this excellent agreement.

Just one question: I have a SketchUp Pro subscription and a V-Ray subscription. Is there any way to “fusionate” these two licenses into the Studio one?


I wonder how this will impact all the render engines that were trying to compete with vray for the market.

In the end this will benefit vray - which was already leader - above all others in the Sketchup realm.

With less competition what will this mean in the long run?

I’m concerned about the smaller developer community around rendering for Sketchup that contributes positively for the health of our working environment…


One of the things it may mean is greater integration between SU and VRay and ultimately maybe VRay becomes a Trimble add-on, much in the same way that Layout is an add-on for Pro users. There’s a logic to that. You can output directly from SU but it’s nowhere nearly as good as using LO to do it. You can produce pretty good render effects in SU but it’s nowhere close to photorealism.

Maybe just a marketing bundle cause Studio was dying? What is it anyway “Desktop Plus Web”. I have pro and i can use the web version any time. So what? Now if this was linked to a render farm, that’d be something.

That might come to be true, but all other engines will be hit hard and so VRay will have less reasons to be pushing itself forward. Also, Layout has no real competition, it’s not really an addon. I wonder what would happen if it had some.

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My understanding (which could well be wrong) is that Layout was developed separately from SU (by Google?) to extend its output capabilities. It has been tweaked since, and in very useful ways, but at root it is now very old software that I suspect is showing its age. Maybe conceived before we had multithread processors?

Now, how about this? Layout gets a complete revamp, giving it multithreading capabilities, AND has some photorealistic rendering capabilities built in. Wowzer!


Fully agree. E.g. could be a hit for Enscape and other renderring engines, who may be less interested in prioritising development for SketchUp.

Plus a big question of pricing. Current price looks absolutely OK (for SketchUp + Scan Essentials). If it goes significatnly higher later (e.g. due to V-Ray in it) - possibly not as good, as V-Ray is not a part of my workflow (using Enscape) and doesn’t add too much value in my particular case.

“Flexible Studio package”? With several things to chose from. Would rather have RealWorks instead of V-Ray :slight_smile:

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Hi Alsomar, thanks for your enthusiasm. I would love to have you as a Studio customer and you can share with me your experience of trying out the product. Maybe contact our support team and see what they say? Thanks!

Hi take the new Studio out for a spin! Its not jus V-Ray, but you also get Scan Essentials! A nifty but super powerful application for exporting, viewing and modelling billions of point clouds in your Sketchup and LO! We have a 30 days free trial to everyone (current or new userd) and try it out and you maybe surprised how the 3D capture / to BIM workflow accelerate your modelling practice! :slight_smile:

@dimav83 Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! I do not think V-Ray will be less motivated to keep innovating. In actual fact, since now we provide V-Ray to SketchUp’s mass user baser, this should give it an even stronger incentive to move faster and get ahead of the game. If you take a look at their V-Ray 5 release, they are already making inroad in the real-time rendering.

We think the current promo and even the normal pricing of Studio ($1199) will fit a professional AEC user’s budget given he/ she finds all applications in the Studio subscription beneficial. And you will know from your first-hand experience of working with us, how responsive our product development has been to your needs :wink:

Stay tuned and watch the evolvement of Studio, you will be delighted :smiley:


To me it looks that most render engines fit well in the price difference between the basic and Studio SketchUp subscriptions so I don’t think they have much to fear.

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It’s definitely starting to look like something as a total package for those who can use those things.

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Indeed, to offer a package that will be useful for our AEC users is my goal for the new Studio! Thanks for your feedback! Take advanateg of our 30 days free trial and give it a try and let me how it goes!

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Indeed. Pretty much just thinking how many Studio licenses to get for my new team and wider company. (as if anything changes, however unlikely it is, it is easy to “downgrade” the subscription)
Perfect timing for me.

I will. Thanks!

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I would say that Scan Essentials is a great thing. Should definitely be very useful for many SketchUp users. Especially with ability to use not only data from big/expensive laser scanners, but from cheaper devices and photogrammetry.
Plus renderring is something that should be useful for a significant amount of people as well. Cannot say much about V-Ray as have not used it before. Definitely a good chance to give it a go. :slight_smile: (and just hoping it will find it’s wat to Layout, in terms of integration and direct render of viewports)

LayOut was definitely developed by the SketchUp team and was released right before we were acquired by Google. It has been actively developed for its entire life, with most of the updates happening more in the past few years (as Trimble) and was largely ignored by Google. The only reason Google wanted SketchUp was to create buildings to put in Google Earth. LayOut won’t be turning into a Rendering package (and likely has no reason to ever become Multithreading, it wouldn’t improve anything about how LayOut works at this point.)

Maybe you were thinking about Style Builder? That was created once, and otherwise has never been revisited. (That one is also not likely to turn into a renderer nor get multithreading.)


It’s Great News!! Is V-ray also available for SketchUp Studio Student and Instructor license?

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Thanks for this. It clearly corrects some false understanding on my part.

I have little techie knowledge so I don’t understand that connection between speed in Layout and multithreading that seems to be needed by other power hungry software.

It may be cheeky to ask, but is there any way that rendering in Layout can be speeded up if hardware doesn’t help?

Is there an update path from Sketchup Pro?
My current Pro subscription doesn’t expire until November.