V-Ray download not showing in Account Management Page

Hi there all!

I just purchased SketchUp 2023 Studio and installed it, but V-Ray (for Windows) is not showing up in my Account Management Page as it shows in the Help Center:

Am I missing something here?


Sketchup studio for student don’t include Vray


It’s basically sketchup pro + all the trimble tools of sketchup studio, but not Vray. Seems logical, we’re talking a 95+ % discount here, I don’t thing ChaosGroup was willing to apply it to their star product.

Vray for students is 134€/y - 2,5 times what you’re paying for SU.
A complete student studio would have been 190€ not 55.

edit :
they call it “studio” because you still get all the extra bits that pro users don’t. scan essential, revit importer, sefaira.

Getting vray on the side is still worth it, it’s about 75% discount total compared to the normal studio version. and as a student, you might want to try other rendering tools and not be attached to vray, so I think it’s an ok deal.