V ray window

Hi there

Im about to start the adevnture with V-ray and have hit my first hurdle.

im following some online tuitions and when they access Vray a lovely little render window opens, which allows you to see the render. When I do it, a whiole window pops up that covers the whole screen and I need to either press Command W (advice from SUcommunity) or toggle at the top.

Is there a way with sketch up 2021, to get that little window?

Sorry, but I fear this maybe the start of many questions!

Also, I am hoping to use Vray to render some theatre sets and use it to animate variopus objects, have things rotate, move into position etc…is this something Vray can do???

Thank you!

What tutorials are you following?

trying sketch up school but thats a little out of date and cad software and then i google a problem and usually there is a you tube clip…is there a better way?:face_with_monocle:

There is a V-Ray class that was JUST released on SketchUp Campus - V-Ray for SketchUp | SketchUp Campus

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ooh brilliant. Ill check it out. I read somewhere that Vray would be included moving forward with sketch up campus??? is that the same as sketch up Pro? and it seemed to say onlhy for Window users? Ive downloaded a months vray subscription but just wanted to check that im not missing anything?

It’s confusing to me because Studio is listed as Windows only, yet V-Ray is available for Mac.

V-Ray is now bundled in SketchUp Studio, together with the Scan Essentials “plugin”. Studio is Windows only because the Scan Essentials relies on a Windows only background app. Studio is cost efficient if you need both but otherwise it is cheaper to get one of the apps separately.

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No. Vray will not be bundled with either SketchUp for campus or SketchUp Pro. Only Studio.

Trimble has said that Scan Essentials currently works only under Windows. For marketing reasons they chose to include both Scan Essentials and Vray in the Studio package. That means that package would be a waste of money on Mac. They don’t have a SketchUp + Vray package deal. So, if you are on Mac and want Vray you must license it separately from Chaos Group.