Vray rendering, Im new to rendering and sketchup, how do I connect the two programmes?

So I would like to try to render an object I made in Vray for the first time. But I have no clue where and how to start. Do I have to download the Vray programme and then import the programme into Sketchup or does it happen automatically, or do I have to export a sketchup model and then import it into Vray?

I can’t find any beginners tutorial for this rendering process. Sketchup beginners tutorial was great though, I hoped there was another one for the whole rendering process, but can’t find any.

You can get the V-Ray for SketchUp extension from ChaosGroup’s site. This is by far the best way to use V-Ray along with SketchUp. You get an interactive render window and control panels for V-Ray at the same time as you draw in SketchUp. The only downside is that unless your monitor is relatively high dpi, the V-Ray windows will cover a large portion of your screen, hiding the SketchUp view behind them. Unlike SketchUp, V-Ray is multi-threaded and if allowed will use up all free CPU on your computer.

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