Does the Chaos V-ray trial work with Sketchup GO?

I have Sketchup Go, the web subscription for Sketchup. Does anyone know if Vray works with this version? I think I may have installed incorrectly but want to make sure it is compatible before I keep trying.

No. Besides you would need to be able to install the Vray for SketchUp extension and SketchUp Go has no option for using extensions.

Vray isn’t a software that can work by itself, it needs to be installed in another software like sketchup, Rhino, Revit etc. And can’t be installed as a extension on a web browser. If you don’t want to upgrade to pro or studio but you need to do renders, you could use twinmotion and D5 that are free or Lumion that costs $1500 per year, those are rendering softwares that don’t run inside another program. I use twinmotion is very intuitive and capable of doing very realistic renders but you need a dedicated gpu to be able to use it, unlike Vray this programs can’t do cpu rendering.

I understand that Vray is a “plug in”. I used it years ago with an older version of Sketchup. To clarify, I have Sketchup Go, which is only accessible on the web. I installed Vray but I cannot figure out how to launch it within Sketchup; there is no toolbar for it. That’s what made me wonder if Sketchup Go is even able to accommodate Vray. I assume from your answer, it is no. Thanks for your input.

No. There won’t be a toolbar for it in SketchUp Go because as I wrote, SketchUp Go has no facility to use extensions.

No. As I wrote, it’s not.

Vray will work with SketchUp Pro and is included in the SketchUp Studio subscription.

I understand, thank you.