SketchUp Trial not showing V Ray

Hi - I have downloaded the PRO to trial the V Ray features for an upgrade but the 30 day trial doesn’t have any of the tools for VRay. It’s showing the point cloud tool set. Can anyone help? :wink:


Use this link V-Ray for SketchUp Trial – Free Download | Chaos to download Vray free for 30 days.

Use the same Trimble account details you used for your free SketchUp trial.

Enjoy :grinning:

Thanks for the quick reply! Do you know if I then need to download again if I buy Studio?

Would it be better to subscribe to PRO and get V-Ray for Sketchup via link above or subscribe to Studio. Its not 100% clear on the website.

If you upgrade to Studio using the same Trimble account everything should continue seamlessly.

That’s exactly what I did a couple of months ago. Vray basically know that you have a Studio subscription.

Best of luck.

If you intend to subscribe to Studio and qualify for a free trial I would do that now, then download VRay & Scan Essentials if you need them both.

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