V-ray trial for sketchup 2024 0n a Mac not registering

Hello i hope someone can help.
I’ve recently purchased Sketchup pro for mac and wanted to tryout V-ray.
I’ve followed all the steps on https://www.chaos.com/ and logged in downloaded the v-ray installer etc
Once downloaded and installed i go to my model and as soo as i click on v-ray i get this message.

{“error”:{“kind”:1,“message”:“Error retrieving login address for online licensing”,“guid”:“e189a014-d47a-f552-4364-d05f2cef5aaf”}}

I’ve been searching for solutions and have tried downloading the software via my different accounts to see if that makes a difference, no luck.
I think its something to do with the registration of my sketch up account because v-ray cant find my license.
I’m really stuck.
Thanks for any advice in advance

when you login on chaos, do you use the “login with trimble” ?

also, your profile indicates you’re using sketchup pro, not sketchup studio.

vray is part of sketchup studio.

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Yes a did use trimble.
I have a skp pro subscription and im using a mac.
V-ray is only available on windows so I’m considering buying v-ray but want to try out the free trail first.

You don’t get a trial of v-ray with SketchUp Pro.

You’ll have to start a SketchUp studio trial Or a v-ray trial via Chaos.com

Hello that is what i’m trying to do.
Starting a free v-ray trail via Chaos.com

You should contact the folks at Chaos.com

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