Failed to checkout a V-Ray for SketchUp license on Mac

I redownloaded vray last night to my sketchup that has been working fine.
Every time I went to render with vray, sketchup would crash with a bugsplat message.
I then uninstalled and reinstalled both vray and sketchup.
Now when I go to open Vray in Sketchup, I get the message " Failed to checkout a V-Ray for SketchUp license."
What do I do?!

I have a MacBook Pro. I have never had issues with vray and sketchup in the past. I stopped using vray for a months and now this is all happening.

Please help or would should I try taking my laptop to Apple to see if they can help?

You should contact Chaos Group customer support.

Which SketchUp subscription do you have? The Pro plan as you put in your profile doesn’t include a Vray license. You would need a Studio subscription for that or you would need to purchase a license from Chaos Group. Which Vray version? Which Mac OS? You put ‘2023’ as the operating system but that’s not the answer to the question.

Mac OS 14.2.1
I have Sketchup Pro and Vray version 6

I will try contacting Chaos support.
Thank you

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