Failed to checkout a V-Ray or SketchUp license

SketchUp Error Message for V-Ray
Anyone understand what this error message is describing and what I need to do to move forward? I am a recent subscriber to SketchUp. Thank you,

Are you a subscriber to SketchUp or SketchUp Studio? V-Ray is included only in the Studio subscription. If you don’t need the point cloud extension, it is cheaper to subscribe to V-Ray separately.

It means that you (or the one that is logged in) doesn’t have a license for the V-Ray installation.
Open a web browser and type in:
Hit Enter.
Sign out in the middle button (Online licensing)

Open another tab

Go to and sign in.
If you bought SketchUp Studio, use the regular Chaos sign in first, instead of the Trimble ID sign in, sometimes, it needs to get activated.

Do you see products there?

If not, what did you buy?
What version did you install?


Although rare, by chance to do you have another version of Vray for another modeling application?.. like Vray for Max, etc

If so, try temporarily disabling the “Vray for XX” licensing. This may allow the Studio license to do its initial activation.