Having trouble with account management

Hi gents, I had a Sketchup Pro version valid until next September which I upgraded to Studio 02. The trial period was just nice with use of Scan Essentials AND V-Ray. Now that I upgraded my subscription, here is what happened :

  • Failure to checkout a V-ray for Sketchup license
  • While I can use Sketchup BUT, when I log into my account :
  • I have no software available nor mentioned in MY PRODUCTS
  • As a matter of fact, I cannot access prodcts downloads !
  • MEMBERS shows my name associated with 1 product (Sketchup Studio) BUT,
  • Getting further on it, it only leads to a Skecthup Free product available

This morning I purchased a V-RAY license for 1 computer … which is still left non-recognized in Sketchup

Would anybody be able to assist me ?
Sketchup ProSupport doesn’t respond …

Thanking you all in advance,


Right now it’s about 6:35 AM where SketchUp Support is.

You should be looking at the Vray site for assistance on this.

Thanks Dave. I first sent messages to support yesterday. And to me it’s not a problem with Chaos but with my sketchup license first … I’ll wait for a few hours then before requiring assistance though

While you wait, do a search in this forum for “failed to check out license”.

The first steps on this help page will do it:

Revoke your license and then reassign it again

V-Ray Fails to Activate | SketchUp Help.

That fixes this 9 times out of 10 if your studio license isn’t functioning.

You’ll see them show up on this page (your license server)


Make sure you have signed in here with your Trimble ID too

Hi Adam, nope not the solution. Eventually back and forth with ProSupport eventually made it work : It is a login_session.dat file that made it hard. Needs to be deleted before re-launch :

PROSUPPORT : We did some work on our end. Please follow these instructions to sign back in:
1.Sign out of the Chaos license server at http://localhost:30304 (by clicking on “online licensing” at the top)

  1. Sign into the Chaos Licensing Server at https://accounts.chaosgroup.com/trimble/login

  2. Sign out of the SketchUp desktop application

  3. Close SketchUp completely

  4. Delete the SketchUp login_session.dat file to completely clear your login information:

On WIndows: In File Explorer, go to Windows (C:) > Users > your user name > AppData > Roaming > SketchUp [year] > SketchUp

On Mac: Go to your desktop, you should see “Finder” and “Go” in the top left menu bar. Click on “Go”, then hold the Option key and “Library” should appear in the list. Click “Library”. Navigate to Application Support > SketchUp [year]

  1. Sign back in SketchUp

Glad you are working
Interesting that one - as that particular file has nothing to do with the v-ray license server as far as I’m aware - I wonder if your actual license had a problem.