Which render software to use for woodworking on a Mac?

Hi there
I’ve started woodworking and want to design my own furniture. I’m currently using Sketchup 2017 and am not ruling out upgrading to a current version.

Which rendering software (either extension or standalone app) would you recommend?

Ideally, the software would benefit from Apple‘s M3 silicon.


our company uses VRAY with Apple Silicon at all our workstations. Our main task is the design of store fittings, furniture and exhibitions.

Is Vray optimized for Apple Silicon? Unfortunately not.
Does it run smoothly and is the render time with the processors good? Absolutely yes.
We have imac Pro with Xeon, Mac Studio with M1 Ultra and MacBooks Pros with M1/M2 Max. The first machine with M3 Max will arrive in 2 weeks. We are absolutely satisfied with the results in our daily work. We also like to use chaos cloud for rendering. However, we have found that they take just as long to render as our devices. It’s great to be able to start several renderings in parallel while continuing to work on your own machine.

My clear recommendation is to get a VRAY license.

I would second V-Ray but keep in mind the render compatibility/requirements. V-Ray supports down to v2019 - System Requirements - V-Ray for SketchUp - Global Site. 2017 was a long time ago now - in terms rendering technology advancements.

You could look at other software such as Enscape but may run into the same issue. Lumion is an external renderer but it’s for PC only. Twinmotion is external as well - which may or may not need to consider which SU version you’re on.

VRay for me. iMac with intel chip, I do low res low quality locally but will send final renders to the cloud. Fast, efficient, and I download a tally at the end of a project and bill the client for the render time, and keeps my local machine free to do other billable work.

Thanks guys for your feedback. I‘ll then dive into vray and watch a few tutorials.
The upgrade from SU 2017 to pro is a step I was considering anyway.