Best Rendering Software for Macs with Sketchup

Hey, I’m looking for the best interior architecture rendering software to use with sketchup with my MacBook Pro 2017 8GB.
Any recommendations? Thanks

That’s a difficult question as your machine specs are very conservative. Equally your profile doesn’t contain enough hardware description to be able to ascertain the performance ceiling.

On the face of it Vray would give you the most favorable output, once mastered.

Twinmotion is an excellent t real-time choice but I’m not sure of minimum req’s or your machine spec.

SU podium is a popular choice, as is lightup, enscape and lumion. But without some more information regarding your requirements and hardware it’s a bit moot and ‘best’ recommendation is impossible as it’s so subjective.

Lumion by far.
Expensive but you may be able to buy one used.

Like I said. Subjective. :wink:

Is there a Mac version of Lumion now?

Their website does not mention a Mac version.