Render Plugin for Sketchup on Mac with M1

Hi All,
I am using SketchUp on a MacBook with the M1 chip. I used to do all my renderings with Thea. Thea seems not to be able to make their software compatible with the M1 chip. I am waiting for a year now, and they still were not able to have a software update that allows me to render.
It is very frustrating, because I can not use the latest SketchUp Version with the newest Thea version on the M1 chip.

Which plugin are you using which is working with a Mac and M1 chip?

Thanks for your help.

V-Ray is compatible with arm based Macs

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Thanks Elmec-Adam. I downloaded the trial and it seems to be pretty easy to get started with, and best of all: I is not crashing like Thea did often, and rendering seems to be faster as well.

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