Renderer for mac osx 10.13.16

Hi All,
I purchased Sketchup 2019 because my laptop can only handle up to 2019 given its age and operating system 10.13.16. I am having trouble finding a rendering software that would work? Most of the renderers i have found are for pc and the others are for the latest sketchup 2021-22. Anyone know where i can purchase an earlier version online that would work? Really appreciate any advice

If you only have a laptop and it can’t handle anything higher than SU2019, are you sure it will cope with a render engine which is much, much more demanding?

hi yes i have tried a few trial versions but there are water marks. and they don’t display a download to purchase anywhere. I have tried both SU podium and Thea renderer. Thanks

I am not sure how your specs compare, but I have been using Twilight and Thea “successfully” on a 2014 MBP with SketchUp 2019 I have both Mojave and High Sierra loaded and I think both renderers work with the latter though I am currently only using Thea on Mojave now. I say “successfully” with the caveat they are both very slow on this machine, and crash occasionally. Not something I wish to live with much longer. I find Thea is better for the interior lighting scenes I am doing at the moment, but they both have good capabilities. You will probably find the Kerkythea works OK too. Go to the websites to buy. Twilight also has a free version without watermarks.

your very kind. thank you. i will try