SketchUp extension for rendering - Enscape or other

Hi all, hoping someone could please help me. I am trying to install a user-friendly program to render my Sketchup models but am having no luck. I have Sketchup 2022 and have tried to install Enscape but it doesn’t appear to be compatible. In the extension manager (within Sketchup) I get the message of ‘! Failed to Install Unable to handle app files’.
There doesn’t appear to be another file type option. Any suggestions? I’m also having issues with installing V-Ray.
I do have the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite if anyone can possibly recommend using a program from there?
I’m sure there is an easy solution but I am inexperienced in this area and tearing my hair out! Thanks in advance

Try looking at Twilight Render. Easy to install and easy to use.

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Shapespark is pretty easy to use and not very costly.

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Could this be your problem?

I wondered this too but the System requirements show Sketchup 2022 to be compatible with Enscape - see attached.

If you scroll a little further down the page on the link you posted you will see a note that the Mac version of Enscape is only supported for SU2021…

A word of caution: Twilight Render is not optimised for M1 architecture.
You have to run SketchUp in Rosetta 2 to be able to use Twilight Render… Slowing it down significantly (!)

See my post here: SketchUp pro render software for MacBook Pro - #17 by chrstphf

OK - I have always used MS so was unaware. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, @Ciwi , is your profile correct? Do you still use an old Mac with a Nvidia graphics card (and MacOS Catalina)?

if architecture TwinMotion could be an alternative but requires more horse power of the hardware for providing results in the same time as Enscape.

Enscape now supports 2022 as of today :wink:

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Yes, that is the system I am currently using

Such good news and timing! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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