Enscape for Skp 23 Mac

Hi everyone,
I’d to ask if anyone has recent experience with Enscape for Mac with SKP 23. I only found very old posts and not for Mac. I just bought Mac Studio with M2 ultra and I wanted to switch from V-Ray to Enscape because many clients ask me for animations and flythroughs. It’s a good switch or it’s better stay with V-Ray.

Hi Giuseppe. I work on a Mac and I would stay with Vray for the moment. I tried Enscape and although it will be good on the Mac one day it doesn’t have feature parity with windows at the moment and we are still paying the full price. Chaos has bought Enscape so hopefully the two softwares will merge in the near future. Worth the trial but I’d save the subscription until next year. Anytime you have spent learning Vray won’t have been lost

Hope this helps


Hi @GM_Designer . As a V-Ray user myself, my instinct is to say to stay with that. But I acknowledge the ease of creating animations with Enscape. If you do mostly animations, it may be worth the switch and compromise in quality from V-Ray’s static renders.

I actually just subscribed to Enscape. Mac user as well, long time V-Ray User. Agree with the previous posts that V-Ray is definitely more powerful and once you get past the insane learning curve of V-Ray you will likely produce better results than with Enscape BUT the speed and ease of use just edged me over. I am not a render guy at heart - I am designer - that why I use Sketchup. I come up with stuff and I iterate like crazy until I get it perfectly right and V-Ray always get’s in my way because it’s just way to slow for my way of thinking. Enscape is like x10 or x20 faster - I mean it’s ridiculous. On my M1 - for a somewhat decent spherical rendering at maybe 6000 px width V-Ray takes 1,5 to 2 h. Enscape - at 16000 px - prox. 10 minutes. Need I say more?

And I often make mistakes in like “Fck - there is an object still floating mid-air that I forgot to delete” or “That material is set to be way to shiny” - in V-Ray - if you are unlucky you catch that mistake after said 1,5 h. In Enscape you catch that before hitting the render button.

So yeah - I’m kinda sold and am just exchanging V-Ray lighting objects for Enscape lighting-objects in my models.

The Mac version IS lacking a few features - like the material library. That does suck - but I can work around it. I also read that it only works for M1 and better chips - so no intel? I still have an intel iMac Pro a secondary machine - have not tried it here yet. On my M1 the machine doesn’t even start the cooling fan when I render so I am really happy with it.

It works on machines with intel but enscape uses the gpu so if your machine has only integrated graphics it won’t run, it need to have dedicated AMD graphics.

I love enscape, unfortunately the Mac version isn’t complete compared with the windows version, probably that will change in the future, also the quality with Nvidia graphics is better than with amd and apple silicon gpu’s, but it’s still a great and fast rendering engine. You should try also unreal engine, it runs natively on apple silicon and you can achieve amazing results, the learning curve is a bit more steep but it’s totally worth it to lear it, and it’s free.