What is best, V-Ray or Enscape for Sketchup Pro?

Hey guys, can someone let me know their thoughts on these 2? I tried the enscape for a free trial and it seemed pretty user friendly, just wondering about V-Ray as I have not tried that yet?

Thank you


Enscape is more in to VR, in combination with an HTC Vive, it is extremely powerful and quick. Not much material editing, though, just different backgrounds for fly throughs and walking around.
V-Ray is static and can provide much more realistic images. This is needed because with static images, you will have the time to look closer😀
So basically, you’re comparing two totally different render programs…
What is your goal? Provide pretty (product) pictures or letting your clients experience the design by walking through it?


As Mike said, you are comparing Apples and Oranges really, it all depends on what your expected deliverable is?

Thanks Guys! My wife and I design furniture and I want to display our designs in a nicely rendered room with proper lighting, floors, windows etc etc. Of course to also render the pieces with stain, wood grain etc etc. I have all the stains and wood grains from the company I design for so I am good there.

The company I work with also do alot of their own designs and use Blender to render the pieces.

I hope this helps with what I am looking for?

I guess a good idea could be to download the FREE trial of V-Ray and play around with that?

Thank you, you guys are always such a great help!!


Yes, that would be a good idea!

When I trailed V-Ray, (version 2.4 I think) the output quality was pretty low and watermarked. Maybe not so in its more recent trials. I did however find it pretty simple to use for my needs so choose this as my renderer.

There are plenty out there, Podium I quite liked and Maxwell was good too. Trial what you can, you may find something in one that suits your needs that another doesn’t.

I think Vray is better for you. Enscape is good for outside renders and larger scale.

I’m planning on using Enscape more and more for landscape design concepts. There are a few things that Enscape could do with I think, some which spring to mind are options for higher end render settings (quite a few folk requesting these for future releases in their forum) for their still image exports, such as better glass rendering (glass casts no shadow at the moment in Enscape), more control of water ‘materials’ and displacement map settings for materials…

Vray does all of those things already (but it is a lot more developed as a product so that’s not surprising)

I hope that as time goes by we can enjoy more control of the materials in Enscape.

Thank you for all the help and input guys!!


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