V-Ray vs Enscape for Sketchup

Looking for user feedback on how V-Ray compares to Enscape in terms of usability, speed, and ease of material creation or their availability. I am a solo interior designer and need a rendering software that I can use to communicate my design vision to clients. I started working in Sk omegle etchup + V-Ray and it requires more effort and time than it makes sense for me to invest in a render. My biggest struggle is the materials as the V-Ray library is very limited and custom material mapping seems complicated and time-consuming. Enscape cost twice as much as V-Ray, but it may be worth the money if it saves me time and frustration.

Also consider Twinmotion and D5 Render. They both work with GPU but the price is much more attractive compare to Enscape. All these programs generate slightly worse details (practically not important in the architecture application) but they are incredibly fast if you have an RTX card

As a realtime renderer Enscape is best suited to producing video and interactive content, there are various technical technical and visual concessions that are made to keep it being able to produce an image multiple times a second to make this possible.
I really love it , the speed at which I can iterate a visual is fantastic and pro users make incredible stuff.
However you will struggle if you want to certain types of fabrics and transparent materials and more unusual surfaces. Rugs/Carpets, Velvet and various transparent materials can’t be created.
There are also hardwired limits to the types of lights and reflections that an object might have.

V-Ray on the other hand can represent almost any type of surface and has more types of materials built in. But you pay for this with the speed that it takes to make a final image.
Have you looked at the materials that are part of V-Ray’s Chaos Cosmos ? There are almost 700 other V-Ray materials there for you to use.

it’s this button in the v-ray toolbar

Would also suggest you take a look at Twilight Render for interior renders. I see lots of post of interior renders on their forum and they look really good to me.

Compare to Vray, Twiligth Render is slow, This render use only CPU. I have it and confirm, make nice renders is easy but… slow.

Have you tried the denoiser plugin? I have beard it speeds things up a good bit.

No… I like noise :wink: yes I know. Only this plug in use GPU.