Enscape vs Vray

Which is the best Rendering engine guys?

If you need live VR presentations, standalone .exe and web exports plus decent realtime performance, Enscape is your way to go. Just like Twinmotion Enscape is kind of an allround solution for architectural visualization, if you will. If you want to do high end rendering without all of the above though and need every last bit of realism, then Vray might be for you.

There’s hardly a “x is better than y”, it’s more like which one is more suited for your needs.


Thanks @MattL. Really helpful. Enscape it is :+1:

Side note… You will want to be aware of the hardware requirements and recommendations for either solution.


Also keep in mind that VRAY is available for Mac and PC and Enscape is PC only. Also, VRAY works with a bunch of different software beyond SketchUp whereas Enscape works with Rhino, Revit and ArchiCAD.

VRAY also has VR Scans and cloud rendering. But the latest release of Enscape has a great library of assets to drop into your model at no additional cost. VRAY can use assets from other libraries, such as Laubwerk, that Enscape can’t.

As @MattL said, to me, it comes down to how often you plan to do video/VR/360 panos. If that’s a priority Enscape definitely easier…but if the best quality still images is your priority, VRAY wins.

Instead of Laubwerk you can go with Skatter and either the Skatter bundled assets or just use the Enscape assets with it to build your backdrop. Works fine:

Another thing to note between the two is the learning curve, as V-Ray and Enscape are on opposite ends. Enscape is among the easiest to learn, while V-Ray among the hardest.

V-Ray is sort of the “industry standard” for architectural visualization but personally I don’t like it. If you want photo realism you can get as good or better results from renderers like Maxwell, Indigo or Thea without messing with so many options, while if you want real time and VR, Enscape is the best (maybe Lumion also, but I didn’t try it). Twinmotion is also great for being (currently) free, and I also like the free/cheap Twilight Render.

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That was true in the past. But since V-Ray 3, it’s not that complicated.

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