Enscape vs vray in 2022

has anyone used enscape since chaos bought it out? I currently have vray i was thinking about switching to enscape for rendering.

It isn’t a buyout, it’s a merger and so far there’s no changes from the users point of view. I’m sure that’ll change in the future but nothing yet.
Other than the initial announcement there’s been nothing even hinted at as to what’s to come.

I tried enscape it seemed easier to use than vray. Same price point it looks like. i might just switch over to enscape. Do you have a preference for architectural renderings? curious

I use it every day, I’ve never used VRay in anger so can’t really compare.
It’s fast, I can render 8k x 4k panoramas in about 5mins each, 4k x 3k stills in about 3mins each.
Some video examples:

Some panorama tour examples:

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wow!! you’re really good. I think i’ll email enscape and ask for another trial. I had one before but never really learned it.