Enscape users

Hi, would like to know if anyone is using Enscape for interiors. I design kitchens & have been toying with Lumion as apparently easier than most to learn but not sure the price tag is worth it for interior shots/walkthrough’s alone? I have no experience with rendering so like the idea of real time renderes as learning curve & results quicker.

Enscape is fantastic. I was hesitant about it at the beginning, but from the first day I used it I have been obsessed. It is by far the easiest rendering software. It definitely has its limitations and isn’t photo realistic like vray or rendering software, but it has become an essential part of my workflow. Our clients have been blown away by the quality of images and speed of turnaround


We have it at work. I haven’t had the time to use it but my coworkers are almost as enthusiastic as K_Rich in their comments.

A very simple Photorealistic raytracing renderer) is Raylectron, modest pricing.


Sample kitchen render;

Doesn’t do real time rendering, but I keep it running most of the day rendering updated concept design.

Enscape is real time. I use 2 monitors and have one with sketchup and one with enscape. It’s an amazingly fast workflow

my subject matter isn’t very realistic (I started using escape recently and dont have any work renders I can show(legally)) but this is a personal project I rendered with enscape


I just did the trial run and I was really impressed. I’ve tried several and own Shaderlight which is also worth a look. I will most likely pull the trigger on Enscape in the new year.

Looks good… That’s all the quality I need for showing clients in a presentation walkthrough! Cheers.

Thanks all, recon I’ll pull the trigger too!

Hi Neil, I use Enscape for exterior and interior visualisation. Absolutely love it for ease of use, speed and high quality results. So much easier to use than Lumion and so much cheaper!

I wound up buying it and I really like it so far. I still have a lot to learn but I’ve already made a panorama and video with no training.

Thanks for input.

Hiya, wouldn’t mind seeing what you’ve done? Are you new to rendering or have you used other renderers before? I’m a complete beginner but have been using SU for 12 years… I must be the longest user that hasnt progressed to rendering!

Forget that, just seen previous post…Doh