Rendering Animation

Hi everyone,

Hope I got the right category here. I was wondering if maybe you could help me with some thoughts.
I have my own business in making interior designs and to make these designs clear to my client, I render them in Vray. This is a render program I’m really happy about and really like rendering with it.

For a while I want to make animations. Because everyone likes animations and my designs speak for themselves in the video. I am trying to make an animation with VRay and so far it’s not letting me down.
But, I’m really thinking there must be a faster way than rendering every single shot in Vray to make an animation.
I’m also wondering how everyone is able to make things move in the animation? Such as grass moving in the wind. Or moving and sparkling water in a pool.

Really hope anyone has any idea. Would really like to become better at rendering.

For your info: I make all my drawings on my MacBook Pro M3Plus (2023). And I build my renders on my MacBook. If there is a big project, I am able to render the project on a Windows Desktop PC with a nice GPU.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you looked at Twinmotion. I think you can animate or do walkthroughs using that. And it’s free!

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I find Twinmotion very user-friendly and quick for those kinds of animations. You can easily add things like grass blowing in the wind, rain, and animated assets. I’ve seen others do the same with Enscape, but haven’t tried it personally.

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Since you already use V-Ray, Enscape may be a good option since i was bought by Chaos (who develops V-Ray). Chaos has made progress integrating the two apps so that you could use Enscape for earlier, less realistic renderings and animations, and V-Ray for a more finished product. Of course the quality of Enscape renders has been getting better so it may also suit your needs as a one-stop-shop.

I still haven’t found the time to render, let alone render animations, but it’s still an interesting adition to modelling 3d.

As others also mentioned, Twinmotion is a wel known render tool for animations powered by Unreal Engine by Epic (game).
(3-4-'24 pricings: community & educational €0, commercial €749, perpetual)

Another alternative for rendering animations: 5D Render
(3-4-'24 pricings: free €0/month, pro €30/month, teams €59/month)

Highly recommend Enscape for rendering animations. With a decent graphics card It renders at near-real time for 1080 HD video and if your textures and lighting are set up properly can produce great results. V-Ray would certainly take the render quality to the next level and as @eric-s noted, Chaos has worked to make that transition more seamless.

Personally I don’t have the need to take my work to a higher level of detail and even though I have a SU Studio license which includes V-Ray, I haven’t used it in quite a while.

Here’s a collection of several animations I have made using Enscape: