VRay vs Enscape Demo

Render Time: 74 hours
Software Capability Score: 3/10
User Interface: 2/10

Render Time: 3 minutes
Software Capability Score: 4/10
User Interface: -6/10 Shockingly Bad UI

This video is pretty thorough for learning the rendering options:

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Did you have a question or need help? I am confused about this post…

  1. I evaluated the software usefulness of VRay.
  2. I evaluated the User Friendliness of VRay.
  3. I showed the render time for a small project of VRay.
  4. I evaluated the software usefulness of Enscape.
  5. I evaluated the User Friendliness of Enscape.
  6. I showed the render time for a small project of Enscape.
  7. With a side by side comparison, I showed people the differences in the quality of rendering visually, the usefulness, the experience and the rendering times. This seems important, given that VRay discussions on your website often lead to Enscape discussions.
  8. I pioneered a new scale of modelling as seen from the close ups to the horizon - many people said this could not be done. This should inspire people who may have believed it impossible.
  9. In general, I went to the effort to provide useful information to anyone who seeks it. Feel free to delete it if you find it completely useless.

it’s a follow up from this

no idea what this means, or who these many people are, but good for you.

It’s starting to get tiresome. It is true that they are extensions for rendering in SketchUp but it seems that you are not happy with V-Ray and you have been told quite a few times that it is not the most appropriate rendering software for what you need.

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There are some things to do to improve the quality of the renders with both engines. With vray specially, you can get hyper realistic results using the proper settings, assets and textures. Enscape has less configurations to play with, but that’s the good thing about it, with few settings it delivers good results and a lot faster than vray.

I don’t think your evaluation is really representative since you are just starting to explore rendering software.
As @francisquitof said, there are many settings and adjustments to improve the quality of both renders.

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