V-Ray and Enscape SU21


I’m doing a bit more on the arch-vis side and am thinking seriously about buying both Enscape and V-Ray (for various reasons) and am wondering, does anyone know if there will be any conflicts/issues having both installed? As they are both effectively plugins, I assume it’ll be fine as I can start one, use it, close it then open another buuuut… it would be an expensive mistake to find it won’t work!

If it helps here’s my setup:
Win 10
SU 2021 Pro
Photoshop CS6 for post-production

I’ve used Lumion, Kerkythea and V-ray in the past and whilst I loved Lumion it’s just too pricey, and I don’t like having to pay for each upgrade. V-ray is fantastic but clunky when I just need to get a good-looking render of a simple structure out fast. I’m also venturing into VR presentation so, having just trialled Enscape I think it would work great for me in addition to V-Ray.

Many thanks in advance!

P.s. Hi! I’m new to the forum.


I suspect by the lack of response that very few people have reason to have both v-ray and enscape, so to answer my own question I’m just going to buy both and see what happens, and hopefully I can get a refund for one or the other if there’s a major issue. I’ll report back here with my findings as and when in case someone else ever has the same question.

I have both versions installed on my computer and have no problems.
After all, they are 2 separate programs that can run side by side.

Ah that’s great - thanks very much. I assumed that would be the case, but I’ve assumed and been wrong before! Thanks again.