Question to MAC users for professional architecture

Asking of my MAC brothers. I have a windows machine with Nvidia for only SU and Enscape. All other work is on a MAC. I would love to be only MAC. Does the MAC Studio handle SU and Enscape for professional architectural work?

I am running a 2019 Intel iMac with SKP and V-Ray. I prefer to use ChaosCloud for final renders and only use my machine for test renders and setup.

I imagine a Mac Studio on the new Apple chips would be a nice upgrade.

last nov I went to train a new guy in a design office using only macs, mostly studios, a few minis.

SU23 is really fine on these machines
They were doing either twinmotion or enscape stuff, it was fine. Sure, a PC with a nvidia RTX 4090 would certainly render faster, but we did a test in twinmotion, me with an RTX 3050 and them with a studio M2pro, they generated the images about 20% faster.
CPU rendering is not a total handicap when you have plenty of very fast cores (3.5 Ghz then, 4.15 now)

No real need for the M2 ultra, the Max is fine, sketchup won’t see the difference, enscape might… but in the absence of actual benchmarks on their end, I’m not convinced it’s worth the extra 1500/2500 bucks.

So yeah, maybe not ultra but Max is fine, know that SU24 might have some instability with some high end CPUs - might have to temporary install 23 just in case, until the next update of sonoma, and Enscape is… enscape. it can be quite good, and it can also just crash on you for reasons (recent thread about enscape 4 crashing in SU24 when adding lights…)

So just in case, whatever you buy, install SU23 and 24, 23 might still be more stable with enscape at the moment

I have been doing architectural work in SketchUp on a Mac for about eight years. I only use Enscape a few times a year, but both work perfectly fine.