Rendering Plugin Help

Hi everyone. I’m an interior designer based in New York. I just started a new job and they only offer Macbooks with the option to download and run Parallels if we need to use programs that only run on PC’s. So that’s what I did. I tried to add the Enscape plugin, but it doesn’t appear to be compatible with Parallels. Does anyone have and advice or recommendations for rendering plugins that can work on a Mac via Parallels with Windows 10? Thanks!

Do not really know about parallels but take a look at Twilight Render. If you can not find out for sure they have a ver good and responsive forum.

If your company allows you to install Windows natively via Bootcamp, Enscape will run on that. I suspect other rendering engines may have the same issue as Enscape when run in an emulation environment such as Parallels.

Alternatively, V-Ray is compatible natively for both Mac and PC. Feel free to check out our course on getting started with V-Ray at SketchUp Campus.

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Twinmotion is somewhat similar to Enscape and it has a Mac version.

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