Advise for render software for mac os

hello everyone, greetings from georgia.
I need some advise &I hope get it.
for mac os which render software is the best to use? I mean simplity to learn and using.
I saw some videos on youtube and I think keyshot or twilight rendering?
maybe you advise me another software?
thanks in advance

is free for mac and PC users, quite easy to use but Vray for sketchup is great and fast

never tryied Keyshot, but you will have to pay for it

thanks, I know about vray, but this software not so simple to learn and use :frowning:
I’m 46 years, & and in this age I prefer to learn something more simple, because I choose SU to use, this is great program, because its very simple & meets many needs.

Blender for me, that is free and high quality rendering engine. To learn it, there is millions of video tutorials on the net. There is an alpha version of Blender for Mac M1.

I forget, I mean real time rendering software, like enscape.
twilight how I know real time rendering, about keyshot I dont know. who knows please write, or maybe another software

Hi Katilina.

Hi think it depends on the results you are after but I wouldn’t dismiss VRay on the basis it isn’t simple to learn. I am 62 and I found it fairly straightforward to learn this year after watching a few tutorial videos plus it now comes with some great extras including realistic models of furniture, people etc that make your renders look great. You can try it free for a month if you decide to give it a go.

Best of luck.

by the way - I wish I was 46 again :grinning: :+1:

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for real time rendering your machine has to be powerfull
I don’t think TW Render is a real time render soft,
Blender as 3dmax are quite hard for beginners

Sim Lab Composer, why not?

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I know about enscape, not need powerful machine, it need minimal spec. , but enscape not work on mac, 1 month ago I bought pc, windows, but I dont like it and sell, now I buy in ebay macbook pro and wait when it come on georgia from usa.
before I had old 2011 macbook air and compare macos and windows, win macos, its better for me than windows

Consider Thea Render ( it is fast, very powerful and extremely easy to use.

The interface is very simple and it feature interactive rendering in the viewport which is close to real-time rendering.

every renderer/raytracer needs a powerful system, depending on rendering with the CPU and/or GPU.

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Twinmotion is somewhat similar to Enscape, and has a Mac version.

True … and with his computer spec without a powerful discrete GPU, real time rendering software will struggle to run smoothly.

No, I don’t think so. And I do not work a lot an image with Blender. I need to get a rendering under 30 minutes (settings + processing). I think Blender is comparable to Vray plug-in for UI complexity

Edit : the image was 3000 x 2000 px, with rendering time 3mn 26sec on a MacBook Pro i5 without dedicated GPU… The rendering engine is the fast new Cycle X under development…

When comparable, speed does matter, I guess…

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About super fast rendering, there is a special build version (not built by Blender foundation) of Blender, named K-Cycle. A friend told me he made a 27 seconds rendering with.

It does exist, and it mean there is many possible improvement and optimisation with Blender rendering engine. Personally, I prefer working with official version often improved.