Anyone have a quality rendering plug in that works on a M1 chip

I’ve just upgraded to a new Mac Studio. Seems most rendering plug ins don’t work with M1 Chip. Anyone have any suggestions?

Have you looked at Twilight Render?

Any Mac renderer that doesn’t support Apple Silicon, can be used by doing a Get Info on SketchUp and choosing the Open with Rosetta option. That would mean poorer general performance. I duplicated SketchUp and set one to open in Rosetta, then I can get better performance most of the time, and live with the slower performance when needing to use an extension that hasn’t been updated yet.

Twilight Render is in that set of extensions, they didn’t yet update it for Apple Silicon.

Thanks for the reply. I do not have a Mac but I do know they support some versions of Mac.

Yes, they do, and they even have a link in the downloads page to show how to use Rosetta for now. I hope they do an update some day.

Enscape for Mac is in Public Beta at the mo with release this year
NOTE: As of typing this the current beta is for SU2021 ONLY. 2022 support will come with another beta release