Viewing 3D mesh with texture

We want to know which should we use to view 3D mesh with textures in Sketchup pro?
We used Simlab extensions, tried different format ranging from 3DS , DXF, OBJ, PLY, SKP…etc…

One of them: SKP, OBJ, DAE, 3DS, FBX…

hi thank you for the reply. we tried all the above , the sketch up pro is either not responding or not showing any file.

How big are the files you are trying to import? What is the original file format?

80 Mb, Original file format is OBJ or DXF

You should optimize those files, by reducing the number of polygons. 80MB is a lot, it was expected to face such problems if you directly import such a file.

ok. How to reduce the number of polygons ? can you help ? What size of the file is okay to import ?

Use an extension for geometry simplification:

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Thank you Mihai. SKIMP extension worked.

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