FBX & OBJ files into SketchUp

Hi - i am tying to import FBX & OBJ files (from sketchfab) into sketchup with varying degrees of success. The biggest issue being that the file isn’t maintaining the original materials / colours. I have tried using both Fluid Importer & SimLab FBX importer. Both with the same issue.
Can anyone provide any help ?

Thanks in advance

use the 3DS format (incl. the texture directory) for importing mesh data with textures natively in SU Pro.

A new fbx and obj importer will be available very soon!


…and here it is :slight_smile:


6 month later… must be a different time continuum :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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haha…very funny! It was actually released back in March but I forgot to follow up this thread with the direct link to the product (until now)


Compared to the multithreaded 3D studio Max modeller it is soon indeed (announced about 1995)


great plugin btw

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Thanks! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Bought it. Which is better for import into SU? FBX or OBJ.
Does Skimp do / manage PBR Material imports? Thanks!

Pretty sure SketchUp doesn’t directly support PBR, but I imagine renderers such as V-Ray Next do. Here’s one of their articles on that:


I read that OBJ doesn’t support PBR, if that’s true then you may need to use FBX, but I’m not sure about the workflow between FBX and V-Ray Next.

Which renderer will you be using?

Great article! Yes VRay Next. I wasn’t sure of Skimps and FluidImporter Pros capabilities. It looks like Transmutr does this. Just trying to get a workflow for importing Evermotion models with PBRs. Im getting there, slowly but surely. Any other input or workflow tips are appreciated. Thanks!

Woo hooo! Looks like Transmutr just released their OSX Beta!


A free new plugin for importing FBX and OBJ files in SketchUp (and 48 more formats) is available at SketchUcation: Universal Importer. And it does polygon reduction too. :wink:


And 21 days later, we just released a beta that should work properly :wink:


Check this Link
it worked for me :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks guys and gals for all of your hard work!


Yo, I have a paid version of SimLab Obj Importer. The form and help available is non existent. You can hear crickets in the forum.

SKIMP is OK, I own that too!

But right NOW Transmtr is where its at!



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Wha(a)t I must say, it looks like you’ve broken the bank! Looks brilliant! Though I’m trying to download the trial, but I haven’t received an email! Duh! I’ve looked through every mail box and nothing!

Hi Richard - I can see your license was generated. I’m guessing your email server mistook our email for spam and blocked it before it came into your inbox. If you contact us through our Help Desk, I will send you the license info through there.