Importing 3D models w/ materials into Sketchup

I’m trying to bring a 3D model that I’ve created in Blender into SketchUp and retain the applied materials. I’ve tried various formats, DAE, obj, stl, dxf etc. Every time I import the model from Blender into Sketchup, the geometry is imported but without any materials.

Is there a way of bringing geometry and materials from other 3D applications into SketchUp?

I’ve been successful in importing SketchUp models with textures into Blender. Using the SKP Importer Plugin. However, if I bring the model from Blender back into SketchUp, the materials completely disappear.

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Are you using basic shaders in Blender or mapped textures? as far as I know only the latter can be brought over.

Yep only mapped tex, it’s the only channel available. It should bring in the correct UV as set in blender

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I think I’m using a mapped texture plugged into a diffuse BSDF. Is there another way to do it?

I think that should work, if I add a map as a diffuse map in Modo & export the file as Collada or whatever, the imported file in SU has the map appplied and the correct UV.

@bifterx could you share a sample model from Modo that you know imports into SketchUp with textures?

Then I can try and bring that same file into Blender and workout the correct settings for texture mapping.


Heres a dropbox link
It may not work for you as there is no option for the texture path in the export but I have included the tex file as well. Import the file into and the cube is textured correctly.
One thing to note, you have to apply the diffuse map directly at the Face level in your modelling app Blender / Modo etc, if it is applied at the Object level SU doesn’t acknowledge the map.

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