Importing models with textures and materials into sketchup

I make rendered landscapes in sketchup and would like to add people. I made a person in Makehuman. Posed them in Blender. Exported a 3ds file and the pose is imported but not the textures and materials.

What I’ve tried
I’ve recently downloaded sketchup make with the pro trial and noticed Sketchup exports OBJ but doesn’t import. I tried Simlab OBJ importer but this didn’t import textures either.

I saw this Greek video

where an importer is used that imports materials. I haven’t received a reply from him yet.

Does anyone know how to import a model into sketchup with it’s textures. Thanks

Hey SketchUp community!

I have been wondering about this same question. I have models that have materials and textures applied in Cinema 4D. I would like to import these models into SketchUp, and have the materials and textures come with it. I can’t seem to get that to work. Does anyone know what format the model needs to be to get the information to correctly display in SketchUp?

-Thank you