SketchUp to Blender



hi does anyone know how can we import a sketchup model to blender with all the materials? I mean we have some images on the objects but they are not recognized in blender. Any advice?
Thank you in advance


Blender does not and probably won’t have a built-in importer for SketchUp files (due to certain SDK limitations).

What you did is export from SketchUp into some file format and import that file into Blender. Can you tell how exactly you exported the model (.dae or .obj workflow or some other)?
In SketchUp’s Export dialog, did you click the options button and check that materials are exported?


we exported in both .dae and .obj but the jpeg images that we have in sketchup dont show up in blender


When exporting COLLADA (.dae) from SketchUp, make sure to tick ‘Export Texture Maps’. After you exported, notice that there is a folder containing your textures on the same location.

Then import into Blender. Don’t forget to change your shading mode into ‘Material’ in order to see materials in viewport.

Similar workflow applies for .obj


Have you tried BlendUp?


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