Cannot export material in SketchUp

SketchUp won’t export material when I export my file to (.dae) file. Why?

In Options, did you check “Export Texture Maps”?

Blender 2.8 recognizes the colors in the exported DAE file from SketchUp.

Yes, I’ve chosen that option but still no material exported.

If we don’t put any materials and only use color by layer, can the color by layer show in some 3D model plugin tools such as InsiteVR, KubityVR,etc?

If you have those plugins you’re asking, try directly to see what’s going on.
You could also try to export as OBJ file, instead of DAE.
OBJ file in MeshLab

Thank you, I will try it.

One more thing, did color( in material ) consider as material when we export sketchUp file?
If yes, will it export to a material folder?

No, it’s just a color. It will not be exported in a material folder, for that, you will have to add a texture (JPG, PNG).

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Hi @ChanpisethLim have you heard Skp Importer Add-Ons from Martijnberger? You can use that add-ons to Import your Sketchup models with all of your materials into Blender.

I’ve already make a short video how to do that. Here’s the link : Best Workflow - How to Import Sketchup Models into Blender 2.80 Tutorial

I hope this will help you.