Isn't this normal?

Hi, I was wondering why my model came out to be a collada file instead of a zip file with the collada file and materials inside it.

Modified+Dodge+Charger+RT+Scatpack.dae (4.4 MB)

no zip file with the materials in it

I don’t know as I don’t use the idk version of SketchUp under the 2023 or 2024 operating system.
(put nonsense in your profile, receive nonsense answers. In my experience nonsense profiles are usually used to cover up the use of cracked SketchUp)
What were you actually doing? If you decide to download a .dae file from the web version of SketchUp, you will receive a .dae file.


The DAE export isn’t available for the free, web-based version of SketchUp you said you’re using in your profile. When I try to export that way on my old account, I get greeted with an upgrade message.

SketchUp does not export a Zip archive with a DAE file. It creates a directory folder using the same name as the DAE file with any library textures inside the directory.

But you also have “Export texture maps” checked in the Export 3D Options subdialog.