How to import UV coordinates from any UV mapping software

Hi! Could anybody say how to import to SU’s model UV coordinates from any other external UV mapping software? Tried to use SketchUV plugin which, as I understood, it can do such a task, but it doesn’t.

My goal is

  1. To unwrap my models in some of third party UV mapping software;
  2. Save UV map, render UV template.
  3. Import it UV coordinates to SU model.
  4. Texturing model in Photoshop, using “rendered uv template” like in 3ds max.

Any ideas?

This category is for discussion and requests for tutorials.
I read your original post as a request for a tutorial to be written on how to import / unwrap UV coordinates / textures for all or any external UV mapping software, and then import into SketchUp.

It is such a general and complex request that it may be quite some time until some UV guru decides to take this project on and completes such a tutorial and posts it (in the parent Tutorials category.)

If it is a question that you wish answered more promptly, please reassign this topic thread to the main SketchUp category and I would suggest being a bit more specific as to the external “UV mapping software”. Then, you’d be likely to receive an answer much sooner.

To all readers … please pay attention to each category’s pinned “About” post that explains what each category is for.