Need help with UV mapping

I consider myself an intermediate SU user. I am really struggling with UV mapping. I have dabbled with SketchUV and Roadkill, but just don’t understand how to use them. I have spent hours poring over the internet to find videos, but none of them make sense to me. They move too quickly and gloss over some steps, and the music in the background doesn’t help (please, can’t someone just explain what they are doing?). Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, thorough, and clear tutorial (video or written)?

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A lot of tutorials and it also depends on what you want to UV mapping:

  • with SketchUV
  • with Fredo ThruPaint
  • with Blender 2.8
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Thanks for the reply. I had already seen a couple of these. The others did add a bit to my understanding. I’m still a ways from really getting it.