Combine Textures Not Working in 2017 Pro


I am trying to use combine textures on a set of materials and it is not working in 2017. I tested it in 2015 and it works fine. What’s the deal? In the image below, the left side is what it starts as, center is the combine textures result in 2015, and the right is the result in 2017. The geometry is attached in 2015 format.

Combine Textures_2015.skp (283.3 KB)

Your file looks ok in 2017.3. In case it’s something that was only just fixed, try getting the new 17.3 from here:

Please show your workflow (cropped images, if you will) in SU2015 so I may learn something new. AFAIK mixing of textures are not possible within native SU.

I do not think it is fixed with version M3, it will work when you combine textures in a different plane, though.

It appears that 17.2.2555 (the version I have) is the most current version for Windows.

It has been a native feature of sketchup for some time. If you select multiple textures in the same plane and right click, there is an option for “Combine Textures”. It creates a new texture by combining the textures. You can see in the image I posted above the end result.

It does give me a different result depending on what plane the textures are in, however none of them are correct.

@colin M3 is Mac only, @jpidge20 try to drae a rectangle on the ground, reverse the created face, so you’re applying the textures on the front faces

@MikeWayzovski That kind of worked! I was always drawing on the front face, but I just discovered that the faces had to be horizontal AND I had to rotate them 90 degrees from their previous orientation. Seems like a bug that would be easy for them to fix, since it worked in previous version…

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It was officially reported as a bug, depending on time/priorities/etc we will see if the developers adress this in a maintenance release or Version Upgrade

Yes, combining textures only works on a horizontal plane on the ground.
Hopefully next year’s v2018 might address this glitch…

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