Combine Textures deleting all but one texture

I was trying out the combine texture command.
Whenever I try to combine 2 or more textures all of them disappear except one, the one that stays seems to be random
Combined Textures.skp (554.0 KB)

Works for me.
GIF 10-12-2023 11-59-31 PM


We only recently did some fixes that would help Combine Textures. Unfortunately those changes won’t be put into SketchUp 2017.

You could use the current web version to combine the textures. It has the recent fixes in it. But, next problem would be how to get that back into 2017 on desktop. You can download a SKP from the web app, then use Eneroth’s open newer version extension to bring the 2023 SKP into 2017.

It will just not work for me. Every time I use the command Combine Texture, it deletes all but one of the textures and only keeps it in the patch it was on before. The rest of the faces are white.

I am going to have to be reinstalling Windows soon. I will try it again after I reinstall SketchUp. Maybe it is related to the troubles I am having with Windows and other programs.

The same thing happens for me if I’m using SketchUp 2017. There isn’t a way to make it work, you have to use a later version of SketchUp.

As Colin wrote, it’s a thing with SketchUp 2017. Reinstalling windows and SketchUp Make won’t fix it.

I vaguely remember that it might work on faces on the groundplane, only.


Yes! That does seem to work around the problem. Rotate the example face to be flat on the ground, and then the textures combine ok.

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It works for me on the groundplane also

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