Can't Find Combine Textures

Hi everyone,
I am using SU Pro 2019.2 and I cannot find ‘combine textures’. It is not coming up on my right click menu and I cannot find it under any of the top menus. I also did a search here for any fixes and didn’t see any or missed them as well. Any suggestions or where to find it or how to turn it on would be greatly appreciated! Thanks…Mick

Sorry for the post but I think I figured it out. Although everything looked co-planner, i must have gotten something off…Mick

I have yet to figure out how to combine textures… it also does not show up on my right-click menu. I’ve checked and everything is coplanar… any ideas?

You have to select two coplanar faces painted with different materials and at least one of them must be a texture.

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okay Dave… got it, thanks.

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