Changing scene in layout moves camera position

Not sure the title makes sense, but basically in SketchUp I have one scene which is effectively the outline of a floor plan and another scene which shows the walls blacked out. So in sketchup switching between these two scenes the camera doesn’t change its position.

However in Layout when I import the sketchup model and I try to get the two scenes to align in Layout when I go to swap to the scene to show the walls blacked out the camera position changes and i have to manually try align it with my other scene now.

Only started happening in 2023 previous version is fine…

It is a known issue, I read that it was already fixed but the fix hasn’t been released yet, it will be with the next update, hopefully soon.

OMG this has been driving me crazy the past two hours! How long until the problem is likely fixed please? Hours, Days, Weeks?

It´s already fixed according to sketchup team members, but i don’t know when will the next update be released, and im sure that no sketchup employee is going to reveal that information, trimble´s secrecy is like apple´s.

Original scene in Layout

Copy pasted and changed scene in Layout (The scenes match up in SketchUp) So the black walls should sit in the same spot but they dont.

Is there a temp work around?

Might not need a workaround. Share the LayOut file so we can see what you have set up.

LO TEST.layout (12.4 MB)

So the current scene in this file is Slab Plan if I change it to Unit 2 GF Line it wont be aligned even though it is in the sketchup model

I selected the part of the model you want to show in those scenes and centered it in the model window with Zoom Selection. Then I updated the Camera properties for both Slab Plan and 2 GF.

Then I copied the Slab Plan viewport, paste it to the next layer up and changed the scene to 2 GF.
VP alignment

By the way, it would be a good idea to make sure tag usage is correct.
Screenshot - 7_4_2023 , 7_03_17 PM

Hmm maybe my install of LO is corrupt, that’s basically what I’ve done.

Scenes in SketchUp are updated with their camera position, so that they all align. Then when I go in LO and make a copy of the scene then change it, it will still shift.

Well, it wasn’t centered in the model space when I opened your SketchUp file.

They align but because you adjust the viewport’s boundaries, the center of the view changes. This is not supposed to cause issues but it does in the current build. It’s supposed to be getting fixed. That said, I’ve not had this issue with viewports when I’ve centered the model or the part of it I want to show in the model space.

Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

FWIW, I use this centered model thing for views like elevations so that they align perfectly in LO, too.
VP alignment2

How is this not fixed yet…

It’s never going to get fixed in LayOut 2021.

I mean it does it in 21,22,23

Your profile shows you’re still using 2021.

What I showed you previously is due to the way you are setting up your scenes in SketchUp. YOU can fix that.

By centering it it in SketchUp? Still doesn’t.

2021 does not exhibit this glitch. It started in the 2022 version and unfortunately still continues in 2023. It is a major issue that needs to be addressed for sure.

How is this still an issue… Seems to have gotten worse now