Lost scene camera position

I have lost the camera position on a scene on a wall plan. So that when in layout the scene has moved, and this is important as I have drawn over with dimension and other things.
So I need to restore the old camera position. But I cannot sample other scene camera positions as it was unique.

But I can open a previous drawing and see the drawing is in the correct position.
Is there a way of sampling the camera position on another previous save drawing?

or how to fix lost camera position?

Was the camera at 2D facing flat onto the wall or at perspective? If at 2D flat facing the wall it shouldn’t be a problem to recreate it, however…


  • always save your camera positions in SU as scenes
  • reference these SU scenes in LO rather than creating them there
  • don’t manipulate scenes in LO

Also, there are some extensions that will read the camera position off one model and make them available for use in another model, take a look at Eneroth Camera Memory.

Yes it was a top view - plan section.

Love Camera Memory extension. Some times I need to get the same camera nagle in multiple modes…or when I’m recording a training video and need to pause or switch apps, I can store the view (dont want a scene)…then do some stuff and start over from that view again if I mess up for any reason.

Let’s try Curic Scene Manager
It’s can copy/paste all scene properties on multiple scenes or from file to file :wink:

It sounds to me as if you’ve modified the scene in LayOut. Select the viewport in the LayOut file. Right click and go to Scenes and select the correct scene again. If that doesn’t fix it, upload the LayOut file s owe can see it.

I moved the view of the sketchup model and then saved the scene, then only realised when in when in layout.
So I will try and copy the scene camera properties from the previous saved sketchup model.


Almost wants to wish you had modified the view in LayOut…
I always try to set up my scene in the same order (eg. Select the visible layers, active section cut and style, then align view or a standard view and hit zoom extends.)
Thus increasing the chance to reproduce the same scene over again.