Scenes don't remember camera properties

Good morning,

I am trying to get a model ready for layout and my scenes are not remembering their own camera locations. Probably other properties too but I am noticing the camera is not where I set and saved it. This is happening in all scenes. Here is a copy of my model saved to scene E1 Living Room. You can see it’s not aligned with the section plane (labeled 6:6 in outliner). Is there a setting I’m missing? Or is it just a bug?
Leinwand Phase 3 Living Room.skp (6.1 MB)

There’s a list of properties that are saved with the scene.
You may be working with a (previously used) list that has ‘Camera Location’ turned off when updating existing or creating new scenes.

In scene E1 Living Room, I did a right-click>align view on the section cut, zoomed out and updated the scene (you’ve got it in perspective).

Unless I’m missing something I haven’t noticed anything odd with the other scenes…

Right, but even when I update the scene with the correct properties, and then save the model, it still comes back to the last camera position I had it on while working inside the scene. It has never done that before. I’ll double check the properties again.

Just saved the model (it was still open) and closed.

On opening, scene E1 Living Room was showing the updated view.

I didn’t change any of the scene properties.

Thank you Paul. I am trying to see if it will work in another/older version of SU. I cannot make it behave correctly with 2022. This is new BTW. I’ve been using 2022 for a while now with no issues. However I did just do an update, I also installed the Cabinet Sense extension. I hope those two things didn’t cause this.

I’ve just tried

Changed camera position
Right clicked the scene I wanted to update : update scene
unticked all except camera
Scene updated

SketchUp 2022.0.354

Well so far, it is working correctly in 2021. It wouldn’t let me save it to 2021, but it would let me save it as a 2020, then I opened it with my 2021 version of SU. Now the scenes are doing what I expected. Do you guys think this is something I should report? It’s going to be a big issue when update any layouts that are connected to scenes if I try this again in 2022. For now I will use 2021 as the shop is waiting on these drawings. :slight_smile:

Perhaps try disabling all installed plugins and see if the issue remains.

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I’ll try that. Thanks!

There is no file format change between v. 2022 and 2021. Version 2021 can open 2022 directly.

Note, too, that when you send a model to LayOut, the Layout viewport that is created is not linked to any scene in the model, but to “Last saved SketchUp view” so it always displays what was last on your screen when the model was saved. To make a particular view to stick, you must link the viewport to a scene using the popup menu in the Sketchup Model tray.

Hi Anssi, I had to save the model down to version 2020 so I could open it in 2021. In the SAVE AS drop down, there was no option to save the model as a 2021. No biggie. Good to know that 2021 can open 2022 though. Thanks!

I haven’t even tried to go to layout with this yet. Once I get the shop drawings to the floor, I’ll try to trouble shoot some more.

So it was the new Cabinet Sense extension that I downloaded that was causing this issue. It has its own scene management settings. If you are familiar with this extension, or ever care to try it, here are the correct settings to make it act like normal. Go to the scene management settings inside Cabinet Sense Preferences…

Then adjust the first (top setting) to “Off for new models”…

Then set the Auto Update Scene to “No” and save your model.

Now you’re good to go. :slight_smile: