Applying camera positions to different views


I have a bunch of views/scenes set up with layers turned on/off in each. I have repositioned one of the scenes slightly.

Rather than deleting and copying and turn on/off layers in the copied scenes, is there a way to re-set the camera location as per the new scene to the others, with layers settings to remain?

In SketchUp’s ‘Extention Warehouse’ look for Eneroth’s extention called ‘Camera Memory’.
It lets you put to memory > retrieve from memory the camera location. Works between scenes and between of opened SketchUp instances.

In the Scenes Manager inspector, you can select more than one item in the list (easiest if you choose a list with no thumbnails.) You select the first item in the selection set, hold down the SHIFT key and select the last item in a contiguous set. To add or subtract items from the set, even if they be outside the contiguous set, hold down the CTRL key whilst clicking items.

So with a set of scenes selected when you click update, the update attributes pops up, and you can check or uncheck any attributes you only wish to apply (or do not wish to apply,) to this particular update action.

If you never did want each scene to have it’s own camera position, and all be the same as scene 1, then they should not have the camera position attribute checked when they are updated. (Only that one master scene.)

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