Update Camera Location in All Scenes at Once?


Is there an extension that would let me change just the camera location of a select number of scenes? So say I have multiple scenes that all share the same camera location but have different layers that are active; is there a way to move the camera location in several scenes at once without affecting the layers?


You don’t need an extension for that. In the Scenes window, select the scenes you want to update. Click the Update button at the top of the window and then in the Properties to Update pop up box, deselect everything except Camera. Hit Update.


Gave that a try and it updates the camera location of both scenes but it messes up the visible layers. I also tried selecting “Visible Layers”.


I’m not seeing the layers being impacted if I am only updating the camera position.



Do I need to change any of the options here?


No. Don’t touch those. Generally leave those all selected since that’s what determines what gets saved when you create a new scene. Or, if you update a style by right clicking on the scene tab.


That was my problem. Thanks Dave!


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